345 Day Death Streak In Indiana Finally Broken

March 19, 2020 was the last day in Indiana no one in the entire state of Indiana died of COVID-19. The last day, that is, until February 27, 2021. 

345 straight days in Indiana have gone by with the relentless daily deaths leaving a trail of tears in the state.  It now appears that 345 day stretch has been broken.

The in.gov site as of March 2 was reporting no COVID-19 deaths for February 27.  This is a new milestone in the fight against the deadly virus. While it is possible the site will adjust the data upward for February 27 in the near future as records are updated and finalized data are received by the state, the registration of ZERO on the graph for now is a clear and positive sign for Indiana.

February 27, 2020 shows ZERO deaths in Indiana from COVID-19