Penny Wars for Paws and Rock Your School: Lots Going On at Suncrest

Suncrest Elementary’s “Penny Wars” starts Monday at Suncrest,  followed by “Rock Your School” and the “Dog Jog” in May.

Suncrest Principal Diane Vielee and Assistant Principal Samantha Mitchell are excited about all the ways learning can be fun at Suncrest Elementary in Frankfort.

  • Penny Wars starts Monday February 6th.  Penny Wars, also known as “Pennies for Paws” raises money for the new “Canine Assistant”.  Suncrest will soon have a canine companion to wander the halls and have fun with the students.  The student’s loose change will be pooled toward making this special dog possible.  The classroom raising the most “pennies” will earn a Pizza Party and more importantly, decide the name for the Suncrest Companion.  Class competition starts Monday February 6th and continue for two weeks.  Healthy Communities and Anita Stewart/United Way have also helped secure funding for the Suncrest Companion Canine at Suncrest.
  • “Rock Your School” at Suncrest will make Friday February 10 a special day.  Each classroom will have fun with a Football theme to celebrate the excitement of the “Big Game” on the Gridiron. This will be the second “Rock Your School” day, following the “Secret Agent I Spy” theme that turned out to be a hit the first time a “Rock Your School” theme was tried.  “It makes learning fun” said Principal Diane Vielee.  Math, reading, physical education and other subjects can work with the theme along with decorations and dress up fun to underscore the theme.
  • Dog Jog on Friday May 12 invites the entire community to a 5K Fun Run/Walk complete with a Food Truck, Carnival Games, and Family Fun. Proceeds from the Dog Jog will go toward Suncrest’s Canine Companion.  

It is easy to see the enthusiasm and joy Assistant Principal Samantha Mitchell and Principal Diane Vielee get from planning these fun events to celebrate learning at Suncrest.

May the Penny Wars begin at Suncrest!

Assistant principal Samatha Mitchell (left) and Principal Diane Vielee take joy in planning ways to celebrate learning at Suncrest Elementary


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