Police Arrest Two Individuals Following Investigation

The Frankfort Police Department, Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions served a search warrant in the 1300 block of Burlington Avenue on Thursday. The warrant was obtained after an investigation revealed the residents were allegedly dealing drugs.

Arrested were 37-year-old Ashley Saari of Frankfort and 49-year-old Rodolfo Salinas of rural Frankfort.

Saari was charged by the Clinton County Prosecutor with the following: Dealing in Methamphetamine/Between 5 and 10 grams with Enhancing and Prior; Dealing in Methamphetamine/Amount 10 or more grams; Dealing in Methamphetamine/Delivery of Methamphetamine with between 1 and 5 grams; Dealing in Methamphetamine/Amount between 1 and 5 grams with enhancing circumstance; Possession of Methamphetamine of between 10 and 28 grams of methamphetamine; Maintaining a Common Nuisance — Controlled Substance; Driving While Suspended; Knowing Violation and Prior Conviction within 10 years.

Salinas was charged by the Clinton County Prosecutor with Maintaining a Common Nuisnace — Controlled Substances.

More charges are pending. Formal charges were filed by the Clinton County Prosecutor’s Office.