Possibility of Another Medical Facility Coming to Frankfort in 2024

4C Health representative Lucie Ingram talks to the Maish Road Annex building.

There is going to be a new medical service coming to Frankfort by early spring or next summer that will be located on the old Frankfort High School superintendent’s office on Maish Road.

“There’s just so many benefits to it,” Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Dr. Matt Rhoda. “Not just for Frankfort kids and Frankfort staff, but part of their qualifying status is that they’ve got to be open for public hours too. There’ll be another primary care and behavioral health option to come for people in the community.”

Rhoda said Meridian Health will be open for Frankfort High School students and staff as soon as they get a nurse practitioner hired which Rhoda hoped would be by the end of this year or the first of next year. He added they are scheduled to be working on renovations to the building the hoop the week after Thanksgiving or November 27Rhoda said the cost of the upgrades will be $140,000 over the next three years.

Rhoda also said they should be open to the public by early spring or early summer next year.

The reason this all came about is that 4C Health, formerly Four County, is that 4C Health wanted to do some work in one of the Frankfort schools. Rhoda told the representative from 4C Health, Lucie Ingram, they can do that if they agreed to have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in place which they have agreed to do.

Another big item on the Tuesday night’s agenda was the fact that Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forysthe spoke to the board writing a letter of support for the South Maish Road project which the city is trying to get a grant for.

“I’ve had some phone calls when I first came here that the bus stops close to the core and there are no sidewalks for kids to walk on,” said Rhoda. “Kids have to walk through yards to get to their homes. I love the fact that we’re going to add sidewalks all the way out to Kelley Road.”


  1. Probably not going to help the avg person as the county sold out to IU & whatever happened with St Vincent/Witham evidently anymore only certain peopled can get health care in this county Were having to go to Lafayette Don’t feel the avg person has access to heath care in this county anymore

    • Tom, how ever much Fox News you are consuming on a daily basis subtract at least 90%. I’m very sure that the statistics wouldn’t support that the “primary focus” is to support gender affirming care. The common cold and other acute illnesses have it beat.

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