Puppy Killed By Loose Dog While Being Walked By Owner

At 4:50 p.m. Thursday, the Lebanon Police Department was dispatched to the area of Cohen Street and Caraway Street in “Hoosier Estates” on reports of a dog that was running at large. The reports stated the loose dog attacked, and ultimately killed, a dog that was being walked on a leash by its owner.
Lebanon Police Officers responded to the area and identified the owner of the deceased dog to be Glenn Sparks, 67, of Lebanon. The owner of the dog that attacked was identified as an Amanda Jordan, 36, of Lebanon. The Lebanon Police Department immediately forwarded the information and initial report to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division and requested assistance with the investigation.
On Friday, Deputy Hannah Fisher of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division obtained written statements from Sparks, Jordan and a witness and reviewed the case. According to accounts given by all involved, two dogs owned by Jordan were running loose in the Hoosier Estates neighborhood when
Sparks was walking his three-month-old puppy on a leash. Sparks had not left his own property when one of the loose dogs attacked the puppy, ultimately killing it. Sparks sustained minimal injury to his hand due to the leash cutting into his finger during the altercation between the dogs.
As of this time, the following citations have been issued to Jordan:
-IC 15-20-1-4(c): Owner allows the dog to stray beyond the owner’s premises
-IC 35-46-3-1: Harboring a non-immunized dog
Deputy Fisher is consulting with the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges.
Deputy Fisher issued the following statement: “Unfortunately, this instance of two dogs running at large resulted in the unwarranted death of another animal, whose owner helplessly witnessed the attack. The Animal Control Division was made aware, after this occurrence, that these two dogs are frequently running
loose but had no formal, documented reports of these claims and thus the owner had not been issued warnings or citations previously. If you see a loose dog, please call Dispatch at 7654821412 with the location and description of the animal so that law enforcement can potentially prevent events like this from occurring in the future.”
The Boone County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division appreciates the Lebanon Police Department’s attention to this matter and initial efforts in gathering information. This continues to be an ongoing investigation.

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