Quinton’s House Has Several Events Scheduled During April

With April being National Child Abuse Awareness Month, Quinton’s House at 659 W. Washington Avenue in Frankfort is doing several things to make the public aware of the issue.

For the entire month of April, there will be little wooden people all over town with positive messages for child abuse awareness. Each individual person will have a message. One side will be printed in English, the other side will be in Spanish. Last year, there were 11 planted around the square. This year, there will be 30.

Other events scheduled by Quinton’s House during April are as follows:

April 7 — Yard clean-up/planting day at Quinton’s House starting at 9 a.m. Executive Director Denise Barney says she is working on getting lunch provided for volunteers and they are asking they bring a yard tool that day.

April 12 — Pinwheel planting on the East side of the courthouse at noon, and possibly, some at the Frankfort Police Department. Someone important will be speaking that day. The event is sponsored by DCS.

April 9-13 — Blue Jean Week. Schools, government, law enforcement, banks, library have been contacted to participate by wearing blue jeans to work for $1 a day donated to Quinton’s House. If anyone is interested in participating in this, call 656-7431.

April 25 — Quinton’s House and re-dedication from 3:30-6:30 p.m. Ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 p.m.

For more information about Quinton’s House or any of the events, call 656-7431.

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