Rodibaugh Named New Central Elementary Principal

The Clinton Central School Corporation has named Clinton Central Elementary School Assistant Principal Jeremy Rodibaugh as the new elementary school principal effective January 1.

Superintendent Ralph Walker said he likes to promote from within.

“Jeremy is an outstanding leader and has great vision,” said Walker. “He wants to make this the best elementary school in the state of Indiana and we’re certainly headed in that direction. I think he will help us keep moving right along.”

Walker added Rodibaugh has the right attributes to be an excellent principal.

“Jeremy’s got a great attitude,” said Walker. “He’s also a good listener and he loves kids. He’s kind of like I am. He’s a data guru.”

Rodibaugh is replacing Betsy Biederstedt, who was the elementary school principal for a year-and-a-half.

Walker credits Biederstedt with the elementary school’s huge improvement in the classroom.

“She’s just an incredible principal and an incredible leader,” said Walker. “I would credit her taking us from a lower grade school to a ‘B’. In fact, we were almost an ‘A’. We were at 87.7 percent this year and 90 is an ‘A’.”