Rossville CVS Scheduled To Close Its Doors Tuesday, June 11

The Rossville CVS announced its plans to close on Tuesday, June 11 as community members in the Rossville area attempted to save the store over the past few months.

Community members of Rossville began to raise awareness for the closure of the CVS in Rossville, stating that the store provides pharmaceutical resources and medicines in a local area where its closure would require Rossville residents to travel outside of the town to receive their medications.

The community realized that the store was scheduled to close this summer after a note was posted inside the building announcing its expected closing date, and community members have reported that the pharmacists in the building have not been told the reasoning behind the closing as of today, Thursday, April 25. The note read:

After 48 years of service to the Rossville community, this CVS will be closing its doors.

Our last day will be June 11.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Community members have encouraged others to contact the corporate office at 1-800-ShopCVS in an attempt to have the store remain in the area. Other community members have noted that numerous stores have seemingly begun to close across the state, including one report from a member of the Bloomington community who relayed that their local store has begun to close its doors as well.