Rossville Shares Updates Regarding Park, New Peddlers Permits

The Town of Rossville has released two updates regarding the town, including updates with the part and a construction company who may begin visiting residents.

The towns stated that the swings at the Rossville park are currently unavailable as the town looks toward implementing replacements. Town officials stated that the board and staff did not view the old swings as safe to keep in the park, and new ones have been ordered and will be installed as soon as the town receives the materials.

As well, the town announced that White Oak Construction has visited the Town Hall and has purchased Peddlers Permits, and the town will maintain a record of every representative’s identification and will issue a blue card that residents may ask to see to verify whether the representative has been approved to market in the town. Town officials stated that representatives from White Oak Construction will be permitted to visit residents to share more information about their business with the purhcase of Peddlers Permits.