Rossville Teachers Approve One-Year Deal

The Rossville Classroom Teachers Association and the Rossville Consolidated School District Board of Education have approved a one-year contract for the 2021-2022 school year Tuesday morning.

A tentative agreement was reached on September 28 and the Board conducted a public meeting on October 5.

The beginning salary range before any compensation was $38,000 to $68,863. After the three percent increase is awarded, the salary range is now between $41,200 and $74,229. General Eligibility stipulates that a teacher must must not have been rated as ineffective or improvement necessary in the prior year in order to receive any compensation.

Another item of interest was consideration of lost identification card fee.

All students were issued a student identification card to use on the school bus, in the cafeteria and in the library. These IDs are critical to aid the school in their safety operations of knowing when students ride the school bus and may also help with reunification operations in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, some students have lost as many as four cards or damaged the card so that they do not function. At this point, the district has been replacing lost/damaged cards at no cost to students.

However, due to the number of replacements being issued, Superintendent Jim Hanna requested that a fee of $5 be assessed for a replacement card. The Board passed it unanimously at its Tuesday meeting.