• Indiana state police always is called to investigate. I can tell you that no wrong doing is being done by Sheriff Kelly nor the matron. This is a poor attempt to smear a good man’s name plain and simple. County commission is upset that sheriff Kelly is getting things done. The CC seen dollars and and wanted some due to their inablilty govern tax payers funds. The sheriff basiy said pound sand. He is a good man and I am extremely disgusted on how the CC is treating him and his wife.

  1. ISP is doing their job because someone is trying to ruin a Sheriff because the Sheriff won’t be pushed around. It’s sickening that the good ole boy club of Clinton County is trying to force a great Sheriff out.

  2. Personally I just wish the Commissioners would swallow their pride if they have any and admit they’re wrong!I also believe the Sheriff is right on,and has all his I,s dotted and T,s crossed.his job is stressful enough without these childish games!Hey Commissioners look at streets,let’s be real.Have any of you thought about impemtlmitting one way streets both north and south,also east and west think maybe it might ease traffic congestion here in town?I,m sorry we would need a survey first and don’t forget an engineer,really it’s an easy solution damn open your eyes and get real.I,m done venting I think and I feel a bit better just!!

  3. To summarize what I believe I heard, the commission had been using the commissary as a slush fund to cover improper debts. The sheriff did not cooperate. In so doing, earned the ire of the commission. In such ire, the commission tried to coerce his cooperation in court. When that failed, now they try to run his wife’s name into the political mudslinging arena.

    Sounds like typical small fish in small town politics. Get on board or else because we think we can get away with it…..

    Thanks for doing what is right, sheriff. So many in elected office are just there to enrichen themselves in small town America.

  4. If the cc wants transparency then let the taxpayers know how much it cost them to fund this investigation.

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