Shoemaker Addresses Train Delays On Facebook

Frankfort was hampered again Tuesday morning with a train stopped blocking several intersections for nearly two hours. After a firestorm of local residents complaining on Facebook and to WILO, Frankfort Police Chief Scott Shoemaker addressed the issue in a Facebook Post. We have posted it verbatim below:


Railroad Crossing Delays
Today, the city was put in a traffic gridlock due to a train blocking downtown and to the west for over an hour. Ironically, as I type this, a train whistle is blaring outside my office. With police access off Williams and Maish roads and fire stations north of the railroad tracks, the city was ready with first responders for any emergency situation.
Until 2018, Indiana law authorized our department to issue citations to rail companies for blocking street crossing for more than ten minutes. The Indiana Supreme Court struck down this law that had been utilized since 1865. According to the court, the Indiana law conflicted with the 1995 Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act. The act does not allow states to create law that governs the railroad.
While we fully support rail transportation and its rich history in our city and country, we are not happy about an hour-long delay either.
We can only enforce laws, we do not create them.
What can we all do about it? We can contact our Senators and/or Representative.
Representative Jim Baird
Chief Scott Shoemaker


  1. Build an overpass bridge for vehicle to cross over during a train!! This would make more sense!!

  2. Have a ambulance station on the North side of tracks. if needed close one of the not needed stations out in the county. then the volunteers handle those calls!!!

  3. It’s time for Roy Scott Parkway to have an overpass AND a traffic light at St Rd 28 intersection. What Kevin says is partially true. The city did attempt to win a offer to build an over pass that I believe was a cost-sharing award by the state. However, Frankfort was not awarded one of the sites for the overpass. Beyond that proposal for the one-time grant, I don’t know that Frankfort or the county has done anything else with the matter. We’ve created a bypass to nowhere when there are trains blocking the parkway. The intersection to the bypass is a hazard as well and handles way more traffic than the light at Clinton Prairie/Jefferson intersection that recently gained a light.

  4. I still believe if a station was built North of the tracks it would be the answer to the problem, and if needed close one in the rural area. The fire dept. can handle those calls. I do agree a stop light is also needed at 200 W / Roy Scott Parkway ( the one at 450 W was needed to get buses to Clinton Prairie safely).

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