Smoke Testing Starting June 12, Weather Permitting, in City of Frankfort

This is a release from the Utility Service Board that smoke testing will start June 12, weather permitting, on East Washington Street from Sycamore Street to North Young Street.

The Frankfort Sewer Department is in the process of starting to smoke test sanitary sewers in your area. The objective is to remove storm water sources from the sanitary sewer system.

Smoke testing is a standard method of detecting sewer defects and storm water cross connections to the sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing consists of using a blower and forcing smoke into the sanitary sewer system. The smoke travels through the sewer system and escapes through any connection, cracks, leaks, etc. along the way. This will show our department if the is any infiltration or illegal hook ups of storm water into our sanitary sewer system.

 The smoke used for smoke testing is non- toxic and non-hazardous and is manufactured specifically for this purpose. It has no effect on animals. The smoke should not enter your building, but if it does, it will have an odor and should last a few minutes. May be necessary to open a window and door to ventilate the residence.

Frankfort City Police, City Fire Department will be notified the day of the test.

 Please do the following task to help prevent smoke from entering your residence:

 *Make sure all drain traps have water in them. Fill seldom used drains with water.

 *You do not need to be home during this test.

 *If Smoke enters your home, this could be an indication of a defect in your plumbing. This could allow sewer gases to enter your home, which is a potential health hazard. Corrections of defects on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, and a licensed plumber should be called to ensure the repair is done properly. If smoke does enter your home please notify the field tech in your area.

The information gathered during the smoke test project will be used to help prioritize a plan to reduce storm water from entering the city sanitary sewer system.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience or disruptions this project may have on you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this smoke test, please call the Frankfort Sewer Department at 765-654-8343.

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