St. Luke Church Celebrates 150th Year Sunday

Drive north of Frankfort on 39 and you will soon go over the South Fork of the Wildcat Creek and then on the right on a small hill overlooking the gentle valley and stream you will see the oldest continuously worshiping church in Clinton County.

St. Luke Church this Sunday celebrates 150 years of open doors in Clinton County.  St. Luke Church has tallied up 7,800 Sundays since its opening in 1871.

The St Lukes cemetery on the same property has gravestones marking the lives of congregation members born as early as 1811.  A quick look did not see any congregation members born in the 1700’s but a more careful look may reveal that discovery.

The 150 year celebration is open to all and starts at 11:00 AM Sunday October 24.  Clinton County historian Leroy Good is a member of St Lukes. Leroy recently turned 100 years old.

St Luke Church is located at 2193 North Indiana 39 north of Frankfort, Indiana.


St. Luke Church near Frankfort, Indiana