Surprise! 50 Year Celebration For David Little Law Practice

Birds eye view of surprise party in progress at Pepe’s Thursday evening.

His sons Jeff and Tom practice law in the same office with C. David Little.  “We need to talk.  Let’s get together outside the office” the two partners said to thier partner/father.

When sons Jeff and Tom said that to David Little, needless to say, Dave Little was a little nervous. “I thought I might be in trouble” crossed his mind.

When the three law partners met at Pepe’s on the south side of the square for that important meeting Thursday evening,  Jeff and Tom were not the only ones attending “the meeting”.

In a surprise celebration of 50 years of Law Practice, dozens showed to offer appreciation for Dave Little and his 50 years at the bar in Clinton County.  The surprise party was successfully kept a secret for several weeks.

Little has had several notable accomplishments over the years including starting Little Lakes Estates subdivision surrounding a 32 acre lake 6 miles north of Frankfort, playing an instrumental role in saving Old Stoney from the wrecking ball years ago, serving as Scoutmaster for many years for troop 320 and other achievements resulting in his “Citizen of the Year” designation from the Times Newspaper several years ago.

Wife, Suzy and oldest son David and family were at the event with many friends and community leaders to share in the surprise.

Dave Little (jacket with yellow tie) meets with two of dozens who showed up for the surprise 50 year celebration.
Dave Little posing in front of law books early in his 50 (and counting) year Legal career.

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