Swearing-In Ceremony Held at Clinton County Courthouse

Frankfort Clerk-Treasurer Judy Sheets is sworn in as members of her family join in the ceremony.
Frankfort City Councilman Jim Moyer, far right, is presented an honorary gavel for his 32 years of service on the City Council.

A capacity crowd watched on as 12 elected officials were sworn in at the Swearing-In ceremony Monday afternoon in the Circuit Court room at the Clinton County Courthouse.

Those sworn in were Mayor Chris McBarnes, Clerk-Treasurer Judy Sheets, City Judge Matt Beardsley, City Council District 1 Representative Clarence Warthan, City Council District 2 Representative Joe Palmer, City Council District 3 Representative Michael Brite, City Council District 5 Representative Brandt Fuller, City Council At-Large Representative Megan Sheets, City Council At-Large Representative Eric Woods along with Ken Estes and Jim Siegfried, who were sworn in as mayoral appointments for the Board of Works. City Council District 4 Representative Steve Beardsley was unable to attend.

Frankfort City Councilman Jim Moyer shows off the elephant he received as part of his 32 years of service on the City Council.

What makes this city council unique is that there are four holdovers and three new members that make up the new council.

“I think that’s a good thing because you have some institutional knowledge that’s there,” said McBarnes. ” But at the same time, there’s some fresh ideas and fresh perspectives. I think it’s going to be a really good mesh of people. I think it’s going to be an unprecedented season of progress and success for the city of Frankfort.”

Sheets said she is ready to take on her new position.

“One of my passions is adequate affordable housing for our community and I know we need to have discussions about extending the utilities out to 65 for continued industrial and residential growth as well,” said Sheets.

This event also marked the end of a 32-year career on the city council by Jim Moyer, who elected not to run for re-election this year.

“Thirty-two years, as I said, is a long time,” said Moyer. “There are a lot of good memories. We’ve done so many things for this city as a council. The memories are good and they will last a long time.”

Moyer was given an honorary gavel for his time on the council in addition to a bronze plated elephant.

“I just want to thank Jim Moyer for all his years of service,” said McBarnes. “We stand on his shoulders. Jim’s a mentor. I’ve looked up to Jim and the people of Frankfort salute him on this day.”