Thank You Parade For Charles Fry

Many people see Mr.Charles Fry every day while driving to work. He stands outside and waves at everyone On Walnut street.
Madelyn Carr , A Frankfort resident was moved by Mr Fry’s kindness she decided to organize a parade for him. Madelyn put her idea on Facebook and it grew from there. The parade left Frankfort High School at noon on Saturday with escort by the Frankfort Police Department followed by Mayor Judy Sheets and the parade of around 35 to 40 automobiles.

Charles Fry was out on the lawn when the parade arrived honking and waving at him. This absolutely made his day bright. After the parade Madelyn presented him with two large boxes of gifts donated by the community and merchants. Included in the donations were gift cards, flannel shirts,  socks, a little cash, and a grocery pull cart, and a few other items of warm clothing. Madelyn explained to Charles why the community had the parade for him his comment was  ” Well I didn’t expect anything”, Charles just enjoys waving at everyone.

photos below in links by Patty Keaton Parks and a video by Madelyn Carr.

Thank you Charles for being such a friendly citizen and brightening so many people’s day.

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  1. This act of kindness is so awesome. Loved how so many repaid Charles with such love. Charles makes everyone day when he waves and his smile is such a delight.

  2. That was nice of people do that for him that’s means still alot of nice people there in this world 🌎I see him every day waving I wave at him everytime I live down the road from him its entertaining thanks Charles for the singing and smiling and waving

  3. Charles is a very nice man. I have talked to him before when I have been outside. I am a neighbor of Charles. Keep up the good work Charles.

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