Thursday May Match “All-time” August 24th Temperature Record in Frankfort, Indiana

The highest temperature ever recorded in Frankfort Indiana was a daily high of 108 degrees observed on July 14, 1936.

Thermometers in Frankfort, Indiana may match the all time record for any August 24th date in Frankfort.  In 1936 and again in 1948 on August 24, Frankfort Indiana saw a daily high reading of 96 degrees.

Date        Highest Ever in Frankfort    Forecast High this week

August 21            101 (1936)                             88

August 22            102 (1936)                            89

August 23            98  (1936)                              91

August 24             96 (’36 and ’48)                   96

August 25             99 (1948)                              88

August 26             100 (1948)                            79

August 27             97 (1948)                               76


The National Weather Service is forecasting a high temperature in Frankfort for Thursday August 24 of 96 degrees, the record high hit twice before in Frankfort for August 24th.


The high of 96 degrees is not even close to the hottest temperature ever recorded in Frankfort.  That “honor” belongs to the record temperature of 108 sizzling degrees Fahrenheit set in Frankfort on July 14, 1936…87 years ago.


Date                         “All-Time” Record                     Year record set

 Temperature readings in Frankfort, Indiana have been taken since 1914.  The record for August 24 of 96 degrees set in 1936 and again in 1948 is not even in the top 17 hottest temperature readings ever taken in Frankfort.  In 1936 in Frankfort, the daily high hit over 100 degrees 11 days in a row.  This happened from July 7 to July 17 1936.

In Frankfort, Indiana, the summer of 2023 has not been the scorcher seen in prior years according to

We shall see if Thursday breaks that 96 degree mark for highest August 24th reading in Frankfort, Indiana.