Todd Rokita Makes Campaign Stop in Downtown Frankfort

United States Senate candidate Todd Rokita right, shakes hands with Clinton County agricultural leader Mike Beard as Clinton County Sheriff’s candidate Mark Mitchell looks on.
U.S. Senate candidate Todd Rokita talks with Joe Root while Clinton County Republican Party Chairman Jim Moyer looks on. Rokita made a campaign stop at the Downtown Diner Monday morning.

Todd Rokita kicked off the early stages of his 50-Town ‘Defeat The Elite’ Tour with a stop in Frankfort Monday morning along with other stops in Lebanon and Lafayette.

Rokita, a conservative for the United States Senate, made one thing perfectly clear during his campaign stop at the Downtown Diner in downtown Frankfort.

“This is about making sure we beat (current U.S. Senator) Joe Donnelly,” said Rokita. “He’s a first time senator who voted with Bernie Sanders 85 percent of the time. Everybody thinks he moderate and okay, but there’s nothing moderate about Bernie Sanders, the avowed Socialist. Voting that way is not in line with Hoosier values.”

Before embarking on his tour, Rokita was a guest of the WILO Partyline program where he talked about a wide variety of things. He said things are going well so far in the Republican Senate race against Luke Messer and Mike Braun. The winner of the primary faces Donnelly in the fall.

“We’re winning the Senate race,” said Rokita. “Our polling has us 10 points up with people who voted already. We’ve got to make sure we come out and vote because we need a courageous conservative in the United States Senate who’s going to be a true ally of President (Donald) Trump.”

On the Partyline program, Rokita said he is 100 percent pro-life, a protector of the Second Amendment who is ‘A’ rated by the NRA (National Rifle Association) plus we wants to secure the border and stop sanctuary cities.

Rokita was also asked the best way to improve and fix the education system.

“First and foremost, we’ve got to get the federal government out of our schools,” said Rokita. “I wrote the bill and got it signed into law that the Wall Street Journal has called the biggest transfer of power from the federal government to the state that it has seen on any bill in 25 years.”

Rokita also touted his record as Indiana’s Secretary of State for eight years.

“When I was your Secretary of State, we ran four agencies and I ran those agencies dollar-for-dollar on a budget that was from 20 years earlier,” said Rokita. “I had the same budget that a little known Secretary of State named Evan Bayh had when he held that office 20 years earlier.”

Rokita shared his pro-Trump, pro-Second Amendment and pro-life message throughout the day. He said he is running so Indiana has a pro-Trump conservative in the U.S. Senate that will stand for the Second Amendment and the right to life.

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