Traffic Stop Nets $3.5 Million Worth of Drugs

At 11:33 a.m. Wednesday, an Indiana State Trooper stopped a vehicle on Interstate 70 eastbound, near the 66 mile marker, for a traffic violation of following too closely. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Danny J. Luttrell II, 27, Indianapolis, and a passenger in the vehicle was identified as Brandon M. Pierson, 27, also of Indianapolis. During the trooper’s conversation with Luttrell and Pierson, he detected the aroma of, and observed criminal indicators.

A subsequent search of the vehicle discovered that Luttrell and Pierson were transporting approximately 250 pounds of marijuana and 50,000 vape cartridges that were filled with THC. The items were discovered in the cargo storage area of the box truck. The street value of the marijuana is estimated at 2.5 million dollars and the vape cartridges estimated value is one million dollars.

Luttrell and Pierson were returning to Indianapolis from Burbank, California.

Luttrell is charged with Dealing Marijuana, a Level 5 Felony and Pierson was charged with Dealing Marijuana, a  Level 5 Felony.

Both Luttrell and Pierson were taken into custody and transported to the Hendricks County jail.

  2 comments for “Traffic Stop Nets $3.5 Million Worth of Drugs

  1. RKC
    March 15, 2019 at 10:19 am

    if we put these scumbags in front of a firing squad, it would make a HUGE statement. Why slap them on the hand, let them bail out of jail just to go back and do it again. If the system REALLY wants to control the drug problem, then DO SOMETHING to solve it. Get rid of the runners and suppliers. The next person might think twice.

    • Marshall Miner
      March 18, 2019 at 1:57 pm

      All drugs should be legal… Leave people alone… I’m an adult if I want to smoke cannibus or do drugs it’s none of your business…

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