USB Accepts Part of Insurance Plan

Following an hour-long presentation from its provider, the Utility Service Board, elected to stay with its main insurance company for 2023.

“They gave us several options,” said USB Chairman Kent Brewer. “We chose to stick pretty much with what we’ve had. We’re not going to have an increase. We’ve got some things in there that’s going to have to raise our budget by around $300,000 if we want to keep everything in there we’ve got.”

What the USB did is stick with its main insurer which is Anthem. However, they are still  looking at the overall cost because they have several large claims this year that will force the budget to go up. Brewer said that cost would be around the $2 million figure.

The insurance cost is holding up approving the USB’s budget for next year.

In other news, the board heard from the head Stacy Uitts from the Billing Office on what they have to do if residents want an extra tote.

She explained if people want an extra tote, the cost would go up to $19 and they would have to sign a one-year contract, especially if they are single-family dwelling.

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