USB Elects to Take Time on Budget

The  Utility Service Board is going to wait a little bit longer before they submit to the Frankfort City Council.

“We’re going to wait until we get November in so we know our expenses are,” said USB Chairman Kent Brewer. “Especially with the uncertainty of so much stuff with the wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant.”

Brewer added they have a lot of the budget dialed in. But they want to see where insurance claims come in at for November. They also will have their IMPA (Indiana Municipal Power Agency) bill as well.

Brewer was asked about how long does it take for them to get the information for the month. He said it takes about four or five days to get everything in. Why that matters is because the USB meeting dates in December are Monday, December 5, and Monday, December 19. Also, the first city council meeting in December is Monday, December 12.

All of that may result in a special meeting.

“I should be getting most of that stuff right around the time of our first meeting in December,” said Brewer. “As I said in the meeting, we’ll probably have to have a special meeting.”

The USB’s budget goes to the city council, who then forwards it on to the state.

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