USB Looking to Get Away from IURC

The Utility Service Board has had one major goal it would like to take care of as soon as possible — getting out of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

At Monday night’s meeting, the USB heard from Nick Kile, a partner of Barnes & Thornburg out of Indianapolis, on the best way to do that.

“It’s been something we’ve talked about for several years,” said USB Chairman Kent Brewer. “We looked at it several years ago and it was in the six figure numbers to get out of it. Obviously, it’s not near that now.”

Kile told the board it would cost them $5,000 to get out of the IURC. However, timing is of the essence because the time frame it would take would take them into the 2023 primary election..

Kile recommended the USB do this by going through an ordinance proposal and not put this measure on the ballot. He added everything could be done in one meeting and possibly two.

“There has been 67 utilities that have withdrawn (from the IURC) and another eight that are looking to get out,” said Kile. “One of those currently going through this is Tipton.”

Brewer said the USB’s next step is to have a meeting with the Frankfort City Council.

“There are some advantages for us getting out of the IURC,” said Brewer. “With the city council, you can make adjustments. You have to go through their (the IURC) proper channels to get things looked at. Anytime you want to do something, you have to go through the IURC.”




  1. Would this allow the Utility Board to raise our costs to pad their bank books or lower our costs. I see no explanation for wanting to leave this.

  2. I have a concern when they don’t want it put on a ballot. It’s time the citzens have a say on this and not just 5 USB members and 7 City council members.

  3. A better idea yet, let’s all become part of the Amish community 😄

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