Video: Some Events That Shaped Clinton County In 2019

Another year has passed.

Another chapter in the life of our community has been written.

Watch a quick video that recaps some of the highlights in our community presented by Wampler Services, Inc.

Along this path we took together in 2019, Erick Dircks and Patty Keaton Parks took thier cameras and recorded you with your neighbors.

Downtown Frankfort Fire in Video by Erick Dircks. Click on Video below to watch Year in Review Video
Community Easter Egg Hunt in Kirklin-one of many community events highlighted in Video in this story. Click on Video Below to watch 2019 Year in Review
Frankfort Mayoral Forum at Frankfort Middle School. Event was broadcast LIVE on Hoosierland TV and highlighted in Video below by Erick Dircks.

Now relax and enjoy a quick trip through 2019.

If you were a part of these activities, you may see yourself in this walk through 2019, If you were not able to be there…enjoy seeing what you may have missed.

This video is not meant to be an exhaustive and complete record of ALL the important events and decisions that shaped our local lives in 2019.   Instead we hope this video will help you recall some news highlights and special moments in our community.

This video is a community tribute created by Erick Dircks and presented by Wampler Services, Inc. serving the community since 1948.

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