Wheeler Welcomes McBarnes to Frankfort Mayoral Race


Frankfort City Councilman from District 3 and Republican candidate for mayor Lewis Wheeler issued the following statement on the heels of current mayor Chris McBarnes announcing that he will seek a third term as mayor.

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I embrace the announcement of Mayor McBarnes’ decision to run for a third term with open arms. It has long been my belief that one of the greatest things that one can do for their community is to step forward and offer yourself to serve. I believe whole heartedly that a time has come for a change and I have been inspired to “be that change.”

I am convinced that as a community we can be fiscally responsible and still make reasonable developments within our city’s infrastructure. We will push forward together to build cultural bridges, improve public safety, and further develop city resources. I have built a reputation as a common sense councilman. I have opposed big spending projects when it required raising the taxes, user fees, and utility rates of our citizens by drastic proportions without exploring alternative methods.

I have always advocated compromise and people’s voice in moving forward. I will continue to be strong in the fight for the good of Frankfort. I would hope that people will listen to what I have to offer and embrace the opportunity of productive and sensible leadership. It is time to remember that here in Frankfort it truly is all about Faith, Family, and Frankfort.

God bless you

Lewis Wheeler