Whitestown Seeks Community Input For Giles Park Property Redevelopment

The Whitestown Parks and Recreation department is seeking input from the Whitestown community regarding plans for the Giles Park Property across the street from Main Street Park.

According to the department, the Giles Park Master Plan “includes a system-wide assessment and evaluation of our existing parks and recreational facilities in conjunction with the development of a comprehensive plan that indentifies current and future needs as related to parks and recreation facilities.”

The plan is intended to establish a prioritized framework for the future developments or redevelopments planned for the Giles Park Property, and the plan will coincide with the Whitestown 5-year parks and recreation Master Plan, which was set to be completed last year.

Community members are encouraged to complete the survey for the plan located at whitestown.in.gov that poses questions such as:

  • Do you want to preserve the Red Barn?
  • How much of the tax-payer dollars would you use to restore the Red Barn?
  • Do you want to preserve the silos?
  • What new amenities would you like to see at this location?

The survey also poses questions regarding the use of the Red Barn and silos for those who express a desire to preserve the structures.

The survey may be accessed at whitestown.in.gov/giles-survey.