YMCA Director Issues Retraction

As you all know, I had my first interview on Party Line last Wednesday, March 30. In my excitement, and quite transparently, nervousness for my first interview, I misspoke regarding former CEO Emilee Norris’s terms regarding leaving the YMCA. I improperly utilized the term “dismissal” to describe when she left the Y. I wanted to ensure that our community understands that Emilee resigned from her position, leaving for a role that better met her family and career needs. From the board perspective, we were thankful for all Emilee did to solidify processes and procedures at the Y as well as the way she built relationships with our staff. By no means did she leave on unfortunate terms, and by no means was she dismissed from her role. I would ask that everyone please accept my apology for causing any misunderstanding related to her moving on to another role.

As of this morning, we are excited to share that we have recently hired a new childcare director to begin the process of working in our childcare center on Monday, April 4. We are excited for her to join our team, as she demonstrates an immense experience level as well as a wide variety of skills that will serve and enrich the care our children and families receive. This marks another page turn in this exciting chapter for the YMCA in Clinton County.
Lastly – and more than anything, I want to announce that we have updated our starting childcare rate to $9.50 / hour for all childcare workers, a wage that is $1.50/hour higher than our previous starting wage, and as part of our efforts going forward with our new childcare director, are going to be unveiling new ways that will graciously thank our staff for all of their efforts to continue to learn and grow their skills in serving the families of Clinton County. We are seeking team members that are passionate about caring for children in this community to join our team, and are accepting applications immediately until these roles are filled. We want to continue to be a pillar for childcare in Clinton County, and look forward to meeting all of you that want to join us in this effort.
—-Stephanie Cooper Chief Executive Officer Clinton County Family YMCA

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