17 Weeks Of “Back To Normal” Death Rates In Indiana

Each week in the state of Indiana we can normally expect 1150 to 1450 deaths in the entire state from all causes.  Deaths from all causes in Indiana are highest each January and lowest every August.

Indiana’s weekly death rate is returning to normal after a one year bout with COVID-19.  Excess deaths in Indiana started about March 14, 2020 and continued through March 20, 2021.

Since March 20, 2021, excess deaths in Indiana have been under the expected death threshold (gold line in graph) considered normal in the State.  This translates to 17 weeks in Indiana with a normal number of deaths in the state.

These excess death numbers are derived from the CDC data and obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics within the CDC.  Numbers in the graph below may be subject to some change or inaccuracies caused by lack of uniformity on reporting throughout the state according to the CDC.  

The bottom line is 17 weeks have passed with Indiana showing “back to normal” death rates in the state.  The week of April 17, 2021 shows deaths in Indiana very close to the threshold of “excess deaths” over expected numbers for that week but for now,  deaths are still in the “normal” range for a 17 week stretch dating back to March 20, 2021.

This graph shows clear progress in Indiana’s battle with COVID-19.



  1. If all looks so well and our nursing homes and assisted living facilities are still requiring face masks for employees while just 2 weeks ago we were required to wear face shields as well. They are now allowing the visitors in to rooms with no limits on masks or time spent! They travel about as they wish take the residents out of the facility into the public with no mask mandates then return with no special quarantine rules. I am a contact worker with an assistant who we both have had shots and they won’t allow her back! They say only 3 in the room I work two residents and myself with 6 ft apart rules! I am to be masked as well as resident and I need to place towels over residents faces! Doctors has nurses that travel with them generally nurses is not wearing masks and podiatrist workers come in with no masks! This makes no sense at all! Why is it discriminatory to my assistant? We have followed all rules! Lunch Therapy, activities nor any other specific areas seems to have to operate on same rules as they put us on! I’m told that is the rules! I have to say our administrator is scratching her head as well but the ones above just says no changes! This is crazy just make me understand why?

  2. We’d have a lot less deaths from Covid IF more people would get the free shot. I have noticed that the deaths in Clinton county has not changed in quite a while. That tells me that we have a health care par excellance. IMHO

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