20 Clues to Community Survival

As I was cleaning out my study this holiday weekend, I ran across an excellent summary of what it takes for a community to grow and prosper.

This information was brought back from a conference attended years ago by Mark Ingles who used to be the Clinton County Chamber Of Commerce President and Publisher of the Times in the mid-late nineties.  This list is from the Heartland Center for Leadership Developement, Lincoln, NE.

Kaspar Media viewed this list as so valuable that we preserved it and are able to pass it on to you today as we start a new year together in Clinton County.

A careful look at the list will reveal that there are only 18 points listed.  The two that are missing (inadvertently) are:

-Realistic appraisal of future opportunities

-Strong belief in and support for education

I pass this on in hopes that our community can benefit from this excellent list.