Community Day Will Attract Families to Airport Saturday

Saturday is Community Day at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport on 28 West in Frankfort. Airport action starts at 7:30 AM with a Free Pancake-Bacon Breakfast til 10:30. Fun activities, displays and attractions on the ground and in the air continue until 2:00 PM.   Indiana Packers donated 200 pounds of bacon to help make the fly-in drive-in breakfast a hit.  Area families, Pilots and Planes are invited and encouraged to fly in or drive to the event for free pancakes and bacon, prizes, special displays and rides.


Frankfort/Clinton County Airport

Fog will probably start the day but should lift around 9AM so air traffic can enjoy the Sunny weather forcast for Saturday up to the 2pm ending time.

There will be plenty to do before the fog lifts with Breakfast, Prizes, Fire Truck Display, Flight Simulator, Bounce Houses, Local Retail and shopping in the main hanger on the ground.

One of the skydivers from Skydive Indianapolis gets ready to land at the Frankfort/Clinton County Municipal Airport on Saturday. The skydive business is located right next to the aircraft hangar and terminal at the airport.

Shan Sheridan, economic development Director and Chamber CEO said the event not only is a fun time for families but “shows off the Frankfort/Clinton County airport as an important economic development tool for the area.”

According to Sheridan, Community Day at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport also “showcases the world-famous heroic efforts of Frankfort native Adrian Marks and the PBY he flew” on that fateful July day in the Pacific to save the lives of 56 sailors in shark infested waters after the USS Indianapolis sunk from a Japanese torpedo.  A full-length movie starring Nicolas Cage, “Men of Courage” was made about Mark’s heroic and “illegal” act.

Adrian Marks Terminal at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport

In the air after the fog lifts, look forward to Fly-in with local aircraft traffic, Helicopter Candy Drop, PBY flights, a skydive flag jump, aircraft static display for an up-close and personal look at aircraft stationed at the airport or flown in for the day.

WILO’s Cindy Loveless will broadcast LIVE from the airport on 2023 Community Day from 10 to Noon.  Slabby’s Food & Freedom will serve meals throughout the day.

“The Rescue” display at Adrian Marks Terminal. Marks saved the lives of 54 sailers in July 1945 after a torpedo hit the USS Indianapolis in the Pacific.

Watch VIDEO celebrating the world-famous heroic efforts of Frankfort native Adrian Marks.  Community Day at the Frankfort Airport will have a PBY on display and available for rides:


Pilots are encouraged to fly in and enjoy free pancakes and bacon on Saturday September 30th.