Photo Tour Of Wesley Manor South At Christmas-time

By Patty Keaton Parks

Curious what it looks like at the Wesley Manor South location that used to be Southside Grade School?  Patty Keaton Parks stopped by to take a look and shares pictures with you to let you tour the facility.

The Hallways used to be filled with Elementary students and now houses seniors in a facility rehabbed for just that purpose.

All Photos by Patty Keaton Parks.

Patty Keaton Parks shares this with  Clinton County News so we can share it with you:

Anyone that went to South Side School might enjoy seeing the transformation from school to apartments in these photos. Wesley Manor South is now a 50 unit great place for residents to live and socialize together in style. The old gym is still in the building and is now an excercise room with excercise equipment. The building has a library and a computer room.
Wesley Manor South residents had their Christmas dinner yesterday and invited us to come visit and take some photos They have a community room and they work many puzzles together which are hung through out the building on the walls.
Very impressive. Thank you Sue Cox for the invite.”

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