Board of Works Approves New Contract for 2024 Season for Aquatic Center

The Board of Works approved the 2024 contract with Aquatic Management of Indianapolis Monday night.

“I was really pleased with the management company,” said Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets. “We intend to sit down and talk with him at a planning session coming up soon just to kind of tweak some things or maybe do differently. But, I think overall they did a fantastic job for us and I’m telling you it’s really important for us to have a management company come in. They did everything.”

Sheets mentioned recently that Sapphire Bay was a tremendous success in its first full season of operation.

However, there is one thing the city wants to change. They want to have the season run from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. Sheets said that could be a problem because there has been a lifeguard shortage throughout the state and the pool was staffed with at least 13 lifeguards at all times. Sheets was told by the management company to let them as early as possible which could increase their chances of getting more lifeguards.

In other action, the Board of Works a resolution to update the COVID pay and protocols.

“We just decided since there is no longer a national emergency and nobody has specific guidelines that we need to follow that this would be a good time to clean up all those policies as far as pay and mask wearing,” said Sheets.

Sheets added they will go ahead and go with whatever the CDC recommends.

Late last month, Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe said the railroads have hired a company to come in and service tracks in the area.

“I think there are six or seven of them they are going work on,” said Forsythe. “They’re just going to come in and do some upgrades which should make them easier to go over. It will probably be late September or first of October before they give us any dates.”

Forsythe added the tracks that will worked on are at Clinton Street, Washington Street, Morrison Street, Barner Drive, Paris Street and Green Street.

The Board of Works also approved the fall dates for the Farmer’s Market to be open. Those dates are October 7, 14, 21 and 28. The Market will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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