Boone County Sheriff’s Office to Receive Increase in Salary

On July 15, a unanimous vote was made by the Boone County Council to continue with a professional salary survey for every division and every staff member, as well as every county employee to be completed by next year; 2022. This will include looking at pay compensation as well as stipend pay for every division. Once this is completed, a 2-3 year salary matrix will be put into place for 2023 as it was three years ago.

We are pleased to announce that each Merit Deputy will receive a 3% raise and an additional $5000.00 a year onto their current salary. This is based off our internal salary survey of other municipalities in and around Boone County, IN. This is also to include a 3% discretionary pay raise across the board for all BCSO staff.

Sheriff Mike Nielsen stated the following in an internal email to staff: “The county council sent a very clear unanimous message this past Thursday by showing their support for our public safety personnel. As we move forward, they will continue to show their support by making sure that every position within our office is compensated fairly, appropriately, and competitively. We have made much stride over the last 6.5 years since I have been the Sheriff and I am honored to work alongside the county council to take deputy salaries and all other salaries to the next level. I want to thank the entire BCSO command staff for working alongside others within our agency over the last several months to identify our staffing needs and for working with me on the presentation that was presented to the county council. Well done! We can never thank the county council enough for their continued support of our public safety personnel. This is most certainly a great time to be a part of Boone County Government.”