Clinton Central Hosting 11-on-11 Football Competition Monday Night

Clinton Central is hosting a Summer 11-on-11 football competition on Monday, July 12, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. This competition does not count toward participation days since it is a certification clinic for officials. School are not charged to participate and officials will donate time to work preparing for the season.

The competition will be held on the Clinton Central game field, practice field and red zone field. There will be a coaches meeting at 6 p.m. at the Pavilion near the concession area.

The competition will split two football fields with a red zone field separate and we can accommodate 16 teams including our team. Red zone field will have four teams rotating and playing each other, fast pace four downs to get first down or score then rotate. Rotate play so you will play each defense and offense.  Chains will not be used to slow things down.  Once first down is reached ball will be put on next 10 yard line and play will resume.  [Ex. 1-Ball on 40, offense moves ball to18 on pass play, ball then will be put on 20 first down, Ex. 2- 3rd down, ball on 31, run play ball is dead at 25, official will move ball to 30, 1st down, Ex. 3-2nd down ball on 12, short pass ball down at 4 yard line, ball moves to 10, 1st down and goal. Officials will throw flags and move ball accordingly as offense prepares for next play.  Coaches work closely with officials and they will answer what you want to know.  The intent is to keep things moving and maximize repetition of plays.

Games will be on 40-yard fields. Teams will start with ball on 40 with three downs to get a first down. Once in red zone offense will have four downs to score [no kicking game].  When offense gives up ball on downs or scores ball goes to resting team.  Offense moves to defense and defense becomes resting team.  Action is fast paced with lots of repetition, although coaches and officials can stop action for a teaching point at any time.  Officials throw flags as if regular game.

Action will run 20 minutes non-stop, then teams move to next pod of competition.  Action will be organized with each official and team having in their hands a schedule of competition with fields marked.  During the break (10 minutes)  Varsity moves on and for next 10 minutes JV players will play then follow their Varsity to next field of competition.  JV coaches in charge of organizing and getting on field.  We currently have 1 4A schools; 3 3A, 4 2A, 3 1a teams coming.  This works best with 300-400 athletes at competition that we have officials available.

Clinton Central will have their concession stand open. Water will be available but each school is responsible for drinks and coolers.  There will have a medical team available.

Participating teams include: Class A (Caston, Clinton Central, Culver, Fountain Central, Riverton Parke, Tri-Central); Class 2A (Centerville, Frankton, Monrovia, Pioneer); Class 3A (Benton Central, Hamilton Heights, Knox), and Class 4A (Delta 1 and Delta 2).