Copper Penny Becomes 1885 Building

A building currently under renovation on the North Side of the Frankfort Square will be ready for customized build-out construction for retail or office space by November.  According to owner Clint Taylor, the “1885 building” is 2,200 square feet per floor and can be finished “to suit” on one or both floors.

The “1885 Building” formerly known recently as “Copper Penny” has had a rich past that started, predictably, in 1885.  The Ellis Building next door and the 1885 building are the two oldest buildings now on the North Side of the Frankfort Square.

The 1885 building in the 1960’s used to be a Firestone Tire Store decked out with brand new shiny bicycles on display in the shaded sheltered entryway.  The floor in the entryway used to even be painted as a black and white checkered flag to match the Indianapolis 500 racing theme to go along with the “Firestone” brand.  Firestone has long ago moved out to 28 West and is part of Esserman Tire.

Work on the 1885 building is now in progress and may well be occupied within a few months if the right match can be made for that location, and continue the rich history and wide variety of occupants at that Washington Street location.  New windows on the second floor have already been installed in interior rehabilitation is currently underway by C. A. Taylor LLC Construction Solutions.