Demolition Derby Cancelled This Weekend

The Clinton County Fair Council has cancelled the Demolition Derby rescheduled for this Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.  The council made its decision during its monthly administration meeting Wednesday evening.  The Demolition Derby was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 28th.

Fair Council Chairman Jamie Blacker informed promoter Chase Thompson of the decision saying, “expected cold temperatures and wet conditions were the major reasons” driving the decision.  Blacker added, “we as a council are responsible for the largely public funds that support events at the fairgrounds. We would not be good stewards of these funds if we expect to lose money because of the weather’s affect on attendance.”

The Winter Storage Program beginning Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. will be held.  The fair council’s office has received many inquiries about the program. Because of the expected demand, fair officials have prepared extra storage space.