Frankfort Parks Department Launches Online Reservations

The City of Frankfort Parks Department has launched their facility reservations online starting May 15, 2023. Citizens and visitors can reserve the
Frankfort Neighborhood Center, Prairie Creek Park, Shelters, and Sapphire Bay season passes online.

“We started looking for a better way to track season passes and check-ins at the Aquatic Park and realized there is software that can handle our requests and reservations for facilities, said Parks Events Coordinator Kaytianne Gellenbeck.

Before, residents would have to call in or walk in to reserve a shelter or book a party at the Neighborhood Center between the park hours of 8:00 am and 3:00pm. All of the reservations were in binders with paper copies. Rec Desk helped the Parks Department save paper and administrative time. The online calendar will show what is available and a description of the facility. Community members can still call the office for reservations, but this will be very convenient if they are looking online after hours.

“This program will modernize our Parks Department and how we operate. I was on board when Kaytianne brought this to my attention. Once Kaytianne showed me how user-friendly it was, I knew we needed to implement it,” stated Interim Superintendent Jason Forsythe.

If someone has reserved a facility or shelter, Kaytianne has added the reservation online, and an email confirmation will be sent to the renter. If
residents have questions, they can reach Kaytianne at 765.659.3422 or by emailing [email protected].

To make an online reservation for a facility or to order a Sapphire Bay Aquatic Park Season Pass scan the QR code or visit online at