Frankfort School Officials Assessing Storm Damage

This was some of the damage by Frankfort High School on November 18.

Community Schools of Frankfort officials are still trying to determine how much damage was caused by the severe storms that hit Frankfort, especially Frankfort High School, on Saturday, November 18.

“We walked through last week with our adjuster from the insurance company and documented all the damage,” said Superintendent Don DeWeese. “He felt like that the damage is probably going to be greater than $150,000 which is all the authority he could approve. So tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, we will have another adjuster coming that handles larger losses.”

DeWeese said there was “small items” damage done as well as the larger items like fencing around the football field that was damaged from debris and straight line winds along with the roof on the auxiliary gymnasium at Frankfort High School.

“It (the roof) took a direct hit,” said DeWeese. “Debris going over the top of it caused many, many puncture holes in it. We had water in the gymnasium and we are going to have to replace some of the wood on the gymnasium floor.”

In addition, the debris that littered the football field was insulation board for the new science wing in the Frankfort High School renovation project. It had been on site just two days before the storm hit. The material has since been reordered and project officials are waiting on its arrival. DeWeese added this will cause about a two-to-three week delay in the renovation project.

DeWeese also said the auxiliary gym is only nine years old and is still under warranty.

DeWeese said there was a girls’ junior varsity tournament going on in the auxiliary gymnasium at the time of the storm plus the varsity team was getting ready to go to Lafayette for a seventh-place game against Twin Lakes which was cancelled. There were no injuries.

Also, there was no interruption in school as it was held on both days as scheduled prior to the Thanksgiving break.