Genda Funeral Home Officially Becomes Day and Genda Funeral Home

The ribbon cutting held Friday at Day and Genda Funeral Home.

Pat Day has been working with Mark Genda for a year now trying to find all the best ways to complete the ownership change, but also updated the branding to reflect the Day name as part of the business.

With all the things in place, Genda Funeral Home officially became Day and Genda Funeral Home on Friday in all of its locations. This keeps the history and branding associated with the longtime business ownership of Genda, as well as the future associates with the new owner and his team.

“I just want people to know the foundation of Genda Funeral Home isn’t changing,” said Day. “We’re still going to love and we believe in the motto of ‘Putting Family First’ and we’re still going to care for people the way we’ve always we’ve done.”

The new logo is currently on the display near the entrance to the funeral home.

“We wanted to update our logo and the name demonstrates the bright future we have ahead of us,” said Day, who added they made the dove with it bathed in sunshine.

Day and Genda’s newest employee Norm was also on display. Norm is an 11-month-old Labradoodle.

For more information, call 765-659-3356.

Earlier this week on Partyline, Kevin Keith held a discussion with Pat Day about the new business and funeral home.