Healthy Communities Hosts Party for Retiring Director

Carol Price enjoys a conversation with some friends during her retirement party at St. Matthew Church.
This is a table of some of Carol Price’s achievements and awards during her career.

Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition held a retirement party for executive director Carol Price Monday afternoon at St. Matthew United Methodist Church.

Director of Operations for Healthy Communities Lorra Archibald said they knew they are heading to the Amazon soon, so they thought a travel themed retirement party would be the perfect gift for Price.

“She’s a very special person and she’s been a good mentor to me,” said Archibald. “She has really instilled a deep love of community in me and all the staff at Healthy Communities.”

Archibald was asked what makes Price the person that she is.

“I think the fact that she has a genuine love for our community,” said Archibald. “She tries to help in anyway she can and she always dives in head first. She doesn’t know how to do anything half way. She does it all the way and she doesn’t ask for permission. She just begs for forgiveness later.”

Price said the organization has come a long way in a short period of time.

“I am just really, really exciting about the progress we’ve made on health in Clinton County,” said Price. “I’m really happy about the team we have in place and that team is so well connected.”

Even though she is retiring, Price said she may help Archibald by writing a grant or two.

“I feel very humble that everybody appreciates me because I was just doing things I love to do and doing things that I felt impacted the community,” said Price. “It makes me feel good that other people appreciate that. I’m still looking forward to helping my community in other ways.”