ILearn Testing Begins Tomorrow, April 16 For Frankfort Middle School Students

ILearn testing is slated to begin tomorrow, April 16 for seventh and eighth grade students at Frankfort Middle School.

Students are expected to arrive at school with their laptops charged alongside their charger in the case that their laptop begins to lose battery during the testing.

Seventh and eighth grade students will begin the testing tomorrow, April 16 while sixth grade students will begin the testing on Friday.

According to the middle school, students have been tasked with creating goals to excel in the math and English testing prior to the launch of the testing with aspirations to achieve the goals.

Testing Schedule:

  • April 16-18: 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts
  • April 19-23: 6th Grade English Language Arts
  • April 24-25: 7th & 8th Grade Math
  • April 26 & 29: 6th Grade Math
  • April 30: 6th Grade Science

All Frankfort Middle School students will take the NWEA in reading, language and math on May 8 through May 10.