Jamestown Business Receives Boone County 180 Makeover Grant

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation has announced that a Jamestown business has been recognized as the recipient of the inagural Boone County 180 Makeover grant.

Cupcake tower baked and designed by Cochran’s Catering & Cakes in Jamestown.
– Photo courtesy of Cochran’s Catering & Cakes

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation announced that Cochran’s Catering and Cakes, in collaboration with the Town of Whitestown, is being celebrated as the winner of the Boone County 180 Makeover grant, which provides $44,989 to a local business for essential roof repairs, which is aimed at enhancing safety and aesthetics for Cochran’s and the community as a whole. The grant is noted as part of the 180 Alliance for READI 1.0 funding.

The grant is led by the 180 Alliance, which covers Boone, Hendricks, Johnson, Montgomery, Morgan and Putnam counties and excludes Zionsville and Greenwood. The grant is supported by around $1.2 million in available funding for Boone County and is partially financed by the American Rescue Plan Act, Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds and READI 1.0 through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. The project is reportedly overseen by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Organization to ensure that all relevant regulations are satisfied. The grant is intended to not only help Cochran’s with any needed repairs but to also benefit the entirety of Jamestown, which Jamestown Town Council President Shane Childress commented was an expected outcome of the recent announcement.

“The 180 Makeover program is meaningful to the business owners in Jamestown,” Childress said. “It’s a chance to breathe new life into our aging building and to make these projects more financially feasible for the building owners.”

Boone County Economic Development Corporation CEO Molly Whitehead echoed Childress’ sentiments, stating that the county is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with local municipalities well into the future.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with our municipalities on the 180 Makeover program for Boone County,” Whitehead said. “Downtowns are the lifeblood of our community, and we aim to foster environments where small businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive.”

Owner of Cochran’s Catering and Cakes Rodney Cochran discussed his vision for his business with the plans for essential roof repairs and future innovations for his business while dedicating himself to the Jamestown heritage and beauty that it has become known for since its inception.

“With over 40 years of service in Jamestown, we are dedicated to enhancing our town’s legacy,” Cochran said. “This grant enables us to sustain our business and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of downtown Jamestown.”

The project currently invites bids until May 7 for the roof repair project, and construction efforts are slated to commence shortly after a bid is awarded. The project is expected to be completed by Dec. 31, 2025.

For more information regarding the project and bids, contact the Jamestown Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at [email protected].

For more information regarding Cochran’s Catering and Cakes, visit cochranscateringandcakes.com.