Kaspar Media Launches Carroll County Daily News.com

Kaspar Media today announced its newest platform designed to serve the needs of listeners, viewers and readers in North Central Indiana.

Carroll County Daily News is a Free, Local, On-line newspaper site developed for Carroll County and the surrounding areas.

The site is patterned after the popular Clinton County Daily News site which recently exceeded 400,000 page views in the last 30 days.  

Kaspar Media President and CEO Russ Kaspar said “We are excited about launching this new Free, Local on-line newspaper.  Carroll County Daily News will continue our tradition of serving local needs since our founding in 1959 with WILO.  We look forward to serving readers, viewers, advertisers and listeners with Carroll County Daily News.  Explore the rich site and discover its many features now at your fingertips.  Weather, Obituaries, Agricultural News, Market information, Delphi and Carroll High School Sports, Local News, WILO programming information, Hoosierland TV Live Video Streams, an on-line store called “We Love Big Deals.com”…it’s all there.  Kaspar Media will continue to add depth and more features we are working toward even now.  Tell your friends to check out and explore the new Carroll County Daily News.

The site was created with the co-operation of World Wide Web Worx.  Kaspar Media is a member of the International Broadcasters Idea Bank, also a source of many great ideas that help us serve businesses, listeners, viewers and readers in our area.