Kelly Authors Thank You Letter to Clinton County Residents

Greetings Residents of Clinton County:

I appreciate the opportunity to share this letter with all of you!

I want to take a moment and give thanks to Mark Mitchell, Matthew Myers and Jerrad Blacker for their continued dedication and service to our community. Each of us put our hopes and dreams into this election, and I understand how difficult this may be for them, their families andtheir supporters. You all should be very, very proud!

I am thankful, honored and humbled for the privilege to be the Republican Sheriff Nominee. You don’t know how much this means to my family and me. I have to thank my wife, Ashley for her grace, patience and understanding during this journey. I also need to thank our kids, Hannah, Emily, Alyssa, Isabella, Tanner, Maverick and Emmitt for their love and support.

I have so many supporters and volunteers who worked so hard on our behalf! I could not possibly name them all! I salute all of you who walked parades, knocked on doors, proudly displayed a yard sign, donated items for an auction, donated monetarily, hosted an event, addressed postcards, stamped envelopes and so much more!

I must also thank my Campaign Manager, Barb Irwin. We had no idea what we were getting into and you kept us organized and on track! Thank you to my Treasurer, Joe Catron, for taking on the responsibility of our finances and for sharing your wealth of knowledge on how to run a successful campaign. I think we all learned a little something from each other and Ashley and I are proud to call you both friends!

To the citizens of our great county- I pledge to faithfully serve as a visible, hands-on Sheriff, always leading from the front, with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. I am optimistic we can make big, positive changes in Clinton County! Together, we will address the opioid problem in our community. Together, we will make Clinton County safer. This will be a team effort! Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help
someone.” We will open the conversation with church leaders, health officials, law enforcement professionals and other vital community liaisons to bring about much needed change and opportunity. This will be the foundation of my “Cooperation without Compromise.”

During this campaign, I spoke with countless people, Republican and Democrat, and they all shared similar concerns. Our issues are not subject to a single party. These issues impact every neighborhood in every corner of our community.

The Sheriff’s Office is not only an honor, but a purpose and a privilege. It is a charge to keep, and I promise I will give it my all!

Thank You and God Bless!

Rich Kelly