Lebanon vs. Frankfort , Sheridan vs. Rossville, Clinton Prairie Basketball and Wrestling, Clinton Central vs. Frankfort BB Coming To Hoosierland TV

The next several days will be your cup of tea if you want to watch LOCAL Live High School Sports!  

As always, Hoosierland TV encourages you to go to these games in person if you can to support the teams, but if you can’t, catch them at www.hoosierlandtv.com

Hoosierland TV plans to broadcast the following events:

  • Clinton Prairie vs. Sheridan Wrestling: Wednesday January 4th:(6PM Tonight)
  • Frankfort vs. Clinton Central Girls Basketball: Wednesday January 4th: (7:30pm Tonight)
  • Tri-Central vs. Sheridan Girls Basketball: Thursday January 5th 7:30 PM
  • Frankfort vs. Lebanon B & G Basketball: Friday January January 6th Basketball (6pm and 7:30pm)
  • Sheridan vs. Tri-Central Boys Basketball: Friday January 6 (7:30)
  • Clinton Prairie vs. Northwestern Basketball: Saturday January 7 (7:30 PM)

All this on your “New View” Sports and Community Connection, Hoosierland TV!

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