Local Food Advocates Seek to Strengthen Food Supply in the Chicago Foodshed

This Old Farm Inc and Elawa Farm Foundation have partnered to support the Kinship and Seale Foundation’s Food:Land:Opportunity initiative. Food:Land:Opportunity – Localizing the Chicago Foodshed is a multi-year initiative that aims to create a resilient local food economy that protects and conserves land and other natural resources while promoting market innovation and building wealth and assets in the Chicago region’s communities. Funded through the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, Food:Land:Opportunity is a collaboration between Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community.

This Old Farm is a local Foodhub in Colfax, Indiana where farmers can get their animals professionally and thoughtfully processed. This Old Farm also markets locally raised raw and value-added meats in the Chicago Foodshed.

Elawa Farm Foundation is a historic farm and garden. Elawa enriches their community as a unique center for hands-on learning and inspires an appreciation for gardening, healthy living, and historic preservation.

The partnership seeks to bring meaningful change to the Chicago Foodshed Food System and create a more resilient local food economy. The partnership expects to accomplish this by creating a network of meat processors and industry stakeholders to develop strategies to increase local processing capacity and develop markets for value-added meat products, to ultimately increase the business sustainability of and reduce barriers to growth of small to medium-sized farmers and meat processors.

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