Mayor Announces Approval of City Employees Pay Raise and Benefits for 2023


As the city can finally close the door on budget preparations for the coming year, Mayor Sheets is excited to share with the community that city employees will yet again be rewarded for a job well done.

“Our employees are second to none, and I want them to always know this city continues to value their dedication to our community,” shared Mayor Judy Sheets. “We are proud to continue to focus on sustainability and consistency in our budget that allows us to provide employees with stability in their paychecks.”

For the third year in a row, Mayor Sheets budgeted to keep health insurance premiums frozen, meaning city employees will not see their premiums increase. In addition, all city employees will receive a 5% payroll increase.

With costs rising across the board for everyone in the US, Mayor Sheets prides herself on leading this team toward continued stability and cost of living adjustments. These budget line items, along with the other recently passed budget allocations, all point to a bright future for the city of Frankfort.

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  1. will this pay raise include our mayors salary as well ? we are certainly not against our city employees getting a raise , especially now with the cost of everything skyrocketing . But if im not mistaken , and i very well may be, the last i heard our mayor is the 3rd highest paid mayor in the state of Indiana. perhape kevin at WILO could comment. At any rate , it is what it is. Just for public knowledge , how are our employees compensated compared to surrounding towns comparable to the Gem city in population ? Do they actually make less or more per year ? Lastly , is the perpetual yearly bonus program that Chris McBarnes intitiated for all city employees still in effect ? If so , could you kindly refresh us on that amount. It seems it was 1000. per every 5 years of employement with the city of Progress, so 10 yrs. would be a 2000. yearly bonus, 15yrs would be 3000.per yr .and so on . Just wondering.

  2. With current inflation the 5 percent is a step backwards for employees. I bet congress and reps who vote their own raises get much more.

  3. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for us to base it on what our community can afford as opposed to what other communities are paying or can afford. Our spending has been out control for some time.

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