Mayor, Trustee Release Shelter Statement

Calling 911 is best resource for those without shelter
First thing this morning, we met with Police Chief Troy Bacon and Fire Chief John Kirby to strategize on a plan going forward for those needing shelter in our ongoing extreme temperatures.
We want to thank the generous folks at the First Nazarene Church for opening their doors and hearts to help all those who needed shelter last night. We greatly appreciate your assistance!
Moving forward today, our process for those needing shelter remains the same: if you or someone you know needs shelter to escape our freezing temperatures, please call 911. Clinton County Central Dispatch will deploy the appropriate local public safety authorities (police, fire, EMS) to help that person or those people and connect them with emergency housing placement, including a shower and meal through the Center Township Trustee’s Office.
Special thanks to Clinton County Central Dispatch Director Renee Crick and her team for the important role they serve in connecting those who call 911 with the local public safety authorities who can help them.
PLEASE follow this protocol and allow our local authorities – all of whom are working in concert with each other – to handle these situations and help those in need. Your call to 911 will activate the process we have set in place and be the catalyst to provide the much-needed assistance for folks in jeopardy in this extreme cold.
Thank you all very much for the messages expressing concern for those without shelter and for your kind offers to make contributions. We have a solid plan in place; one we believe will continue to be executed in the most efficient and effective manner to help those in need as long as temperatures remain below 20 degrees. 
God bless you all and continue to remain safe and warm,
Mayor Chris McBarnes and Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans