Myers Resigning County Council Post

Less than a week after the general election, the Clinton County Council is looking to fill a position on its board after the announcement by Councilman Jake Myers that he will leaving he Council at the end of the year.

“At the beginning of the year, I moved into an apartment in my district,” said Myers. “Things changed throughout the year and I purchased a house outside the district. Midway through the year, it (leaving my position) was something I was considering. But I really didn’t want to say where I was at.”

Myers had been on the council for eight years. In fact, he was just re-elected to his District 2 seat in the election on November 8 as he ran unopposed.

“I was really looking forward to the next four years,” said Myers.

Clinton County Council President Alan Dunn said he’s sorry to lose Myers.

“I think Jake’s had a really, really important role on the council during his two terms because of his role in public safety as Frankfort police officer,” said Dunn. “He can speak that public safety language. He’s been sort of a liaison the budget side on the council and our public safety entities in the sheriff’s office and EMS. That’s going to be a tough position to fill.”

The Council has 30 days to replace Myers from the day he sent his resignation to Clinton County Republican Party Chairman Jim Moyer. A caucus will then be held after the 30 days to announce his replacement.

Myers is keeping his position with the Frankfort Police Department.


  1. why would of ran for the office knowing he was leaving ? i mean surely he wouldve known he was possibly not going to be able to carryout his commitment . We seen this exact thing just a few short years ago in our mayors race, Chris Mcbarnes ran and knew full well he was resigning. This isnt fair to the voters . The elected officials replacement is appointed in , not voted in by the citizens. It all seems off color. Certainly things in rare circumstances arise and a ” newly elected ” official will be forced to step down due to unforseen issues , but this should be extremely rare. If your going to run for office , take it seriously and be prepared to carry out yhe responsabilities of the office. Its not a game . We put enough confidence in you to actually vote for you, do your part or dont run.

    • “Concerned Citizen”,
      1. I didn’t know I would be leaving until late in the fall, after the general election ticket had been set.
      2. I have carried out this commitment for the past 8 years, and had full intention to carry out an additional 4 years. I was not “newly elected”, I was re-elected.
      3.You are correct that to say “rare circumstances arise” and in this case, rare circumstances arose.
      4. I think my commitment in serving on this council for the past 8 years shows that I took my role “seriously” and carried out the responsibilities of the office. I never took this role as “a game”.
      Thank you for voicing your concerns. That is the beauty of our democratic process, to be able to express your opinions and concerns.

      • Thanks for your commitment to keeping our community safe Officer Myers. We’re happy you are still here in that capacity.–Kevin Keith

    • I just approved your comment 30 minutes ago, not sure what bias you are referring to. On the air, we always offer equal time for opposing view on anything.–Kevin Keith

  2. I tend to agree with the previous comments. Mr. Myers stated, “Midway through the year, it (leaving my position) was something I was considering. But I really didn’t want to say where I was at.” He really should not have been running again knowing he was more than likely leaving.

    I like to put faith in people that they do the right thing. But as mentioned in above comments, this is all looking fishy. I know another instance where the elected official knew they would not be carrying out their term, and resigned to allow the next person to be elected in a caucus. I agree, it should be up to the voters. These recent occurring instances make it seem as if the elected officials know what is best for the citizens. Voters need to have a say.

  3. The only way we can control the things is not be honest with the public. Jake Myers should have not ran for re-election. I would say a rat in politics. We have enough of crooked politicians with other levels. Don’t need it at the local level.

  4. Obviously the plan was to make voters think Jake was their man and then BOOM SURPRISE, I quit. Now Jim Moyer cab bring in whoever he wants to fill that spot. He should have withdrew ,but I get why he didn’t. Politics, and politicians you shouldn’t be trusting any of them anyway. Voting is just there to give you the illusion of choice.

  5. He ran unopposed. Not really a reason to be upset with him about leaving now. Besides, maybe he didn’t know if he would actually get the house or something else may fall through. People shouldn’t get mad at him when you don’t know the entire story. How about… Thanks for serving our city because most people just complain on the internet about roles they would never take in the first place.

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