Northern Lights Display Possible Tonight In North-Central Indiana

A Northern Light display is possible for Clinton, Boone and Carroll Counties tonight.

Due to a recent solar emission, charged particles from the sun may be heading our way.  It is possible you MAY be able to see a display of the “Northern Lights” tonight as these charged particles enter our upper atmosphere.

Green colors will be from charged Nitrogen atoms and Red colors will be from charged Oxygen atoms as these atoms emit light after being “excited” by these entering charged solar particles.

Look toward the northern Horizen tonight and you MAY be rewarded with a view of the “Northern Lights” or “Aurora Borealis.”

“Yesterday, Aug. 17th, active sunspot AR3078 produced a rapid-fire pair of M-class solar flares (M1+M2). The double blast hurled this CME into space:”

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